Exquisite Vanilleschoten und ihre neue, elegante Heimat

Dear vanilla lovers,

At Super Premium Vanilla, we always strive to bring you not only the highest quality vanilla beans from around the world, but also the best solutions for storing and displaying them. That is why we are very pleased to be able to present our latest innovation to you today: our elegant glass tubes.

More than just a storage container, our glass tubes are a home for your precious vanilla beans. They have been specially designed to protect the aroma and quality of your vanilla beans while allowing for an attractive display.

Our 140 x 14mm glass tubes are perfect for the Super Premium Tahitensis Vanilla Beans from Papua, Indonesia . The 16cm tubes will happily accommodate both the Super Premium Tahitensis vanilla beans from Papua, Indonesia and the Super Premium Planifolia vanilla beans from Indonesia . And for our larger and bulkier beans, like the Planifolia Big Grade A vanilla beans , we offer the spacious 180 x 20mm glass tubes.

These tubes are not only functional, they are also aesthetically pleasing. The clear glass accentuates the natural beauty of the vanilla bean and the secure finned stopper keeps the bean's aroma fresh and intense.

Most importantly, our glass tubes help to safely store those prized vanilla beans and preserve the full, rich aroma that makes them a must-have in your kitchen. With our new glass tubes you can present your vanilla beans in style while preserving their quality and freshness.

At Super Premium Vanilla we understand and share your passion for quality and taste. With our new glass tubes, we are proud to offer you a storage solution that reflects these values.

Discover the variety of our vanilla beans and the elegance of our new glass tubes. Together they make your kitchen a place of enjoyment and joy.

Sincerely, your Super Premium Vanilla Team