Chesibik Vanilla from Guatemala 12cm / Cribbiana 1 pod 6 grams

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The Cribbiana Vanilla or Chesibik as it is called in the Mayan language is undoubtedly one of the rarest and most surprising varieties of vanilla. Compared to the widespread vanilla varieties such as Planifolia or Tahitensis hybrid, the Cribbiana belongs to a completely different variety, which also includes the Pompona and Chamissonis.

Cribbiana Vanilla is native to Mexico and can also be found in other parts of Central America and northern South America. If Europeans had encountered the Mayans instead of the Totonacs when they discovered America, this vanilla variety might have been the most widely used in the world, given its enormous gastronomic potential.

The pods of the Cribbiana Vanilla are short, thick and loaded with plenty of caviar. They exude a floral scent and have bold notes of aniseed amel, coffee and coumarin, caramel and cedarwood. These flavors create a very appetizing and versatile bouquet, suitable for a variety of uses.

The Cribbiana Vanilla is extremely versatile in the kitchen and can be used in both sweet and savory dishes. The use of this vanilla variety can lead to a new gastronomic journey for the palate. In pastries, Cribbiana Vanilla can add a rich and intricate note, and deep, earthy complexity in savory dishes. This vanilla strain is known to pair well with chocolate, cinnamon, ginger, and fruits like strawberries and mango.

Overall, the Cribbiana Vanilla is a unique and remarkable vanilla variety that is gaining more and more importance in the culinary world. Their rich flavors and versatile flavor profile make them a valuable ingredient in the kitchen. Although rare and hard to find, it's definitely a vanilla strain worth trying.

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