Glass tube for vanilla beans 180 x 14 with lamellar stopper

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Our glass tubes offer you a stylish and safe storage solution for your precious vanilla beans. Made from durable, high quality glass, they are perfectly sized to fit most vanilla beans at 180mm in length and 14mm in diameter.

suitable for: Planifolia vanilla beans from Indonesia / Planifolia Big Grade A vanilla beans 

The tube is characterized by its clear transparency, which not only gives you a quick overview of the contents, but also attractively showcases the deep brown vanilla pods. Ideal for kitchens, bakeries or even gourmet restaurants that appreciate the value of this noble spice.

A special highlight is the lamellar plug. It ensures a tight closure, preserves the full aroma of the vanilla beans and protects them from moisture or other influences. The louvered design makes the plug easy to insert and remove, allowing for convenient access to your vanilla beans.

Go for quality and aesthetics and store your vanilla beans in our glass tubes. It is not only a practical but also an aesthetically pleasing solution for storing and displaying your fine spices. Your enjoyment and presentation will be taken to the next level with this product.

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