Planifolia fraiche Réunion IGP 15 cm - 21 cm 1 pod

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Discover the delicious aroma of fresh organic vanilla planifolia, sourced from Reunion Island, one of the most advanced regions for vanilla refining. Our vanilla beans are 100% edible and will always develop new flavors and scents as they age. With their extraordinary selection of beans, they offer an incomparable intensity and smooth fruit aromas as well as caramel notes.

The thick-walled, dark brown or black pods are very aromatic and oily. They are perfect for using in desserts or meat dishes, especially duck and lamb. The vanilla pods are best incorporated at the very last stage of cooking as they are almost candied making them suitable for consumption as well.

Chefs and chefs around the world value our fresh vanilla for its unique properties and rarity. Measuring between 15cm and 21cm in length and weighing between 4 and 8g, our vanilla beans are of the highest quality and grown to the highest standards.

Taste the fresh organic vanilla Planifolia from Reunion Island and experience the most intense and tastiest vanilla flavor you have ever tasted!

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