Planifolia New Caledonia 2 pods +-18cm min. 6 grams

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Organic vanilla planifolia gourmet quality

Origin: New Caledonia Lifou, Mare & Ouvea

Discover the limited and even rare production of Planifolia gourmet quality organic vanilla from New Caledonia. Possibly one of the finest origins, this exceptional vanilla is characterized by its high vanillin content and frequent givre, or hoarfrost, on the pods. Developed from a "Vanilla Planifolia" hybrid, the pods are black, oily, smooth and thick, with a strong typical vanilla aroma and flavor.

The pods measure around 18 cm and weigh an average of 6 g. One kilo equals about 166 pods. Moisture content: 35% Vanillin content: +/- 2% Packaging: in glass tubes or glass jars New Caledonia origin certified

Experience the exclusive quality of the organic vanilla Planifolia gourmet quality from New Caledonia and give your culinary creations an incomparable aroma and taste experience.

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