Pompona vanilla from French Guyana +-12cm 1 pod min. 6 grams

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Vanilla Pompona, also known as Vanilla or Banana Vanilla, is a remarkable vanilla variety with a unique range of flavors. In the Saint Laurent du Maroni region of Guyana, under the canopy of the tropical rainforest, two varieties of this vanilla are grown: the finga and the stella.

The Finga Pompona vanilla develops an incomparable aroma with unique notes of aniseed and maraschino. This variety goes particularly well with meat and fish, which is why chefs like to use it in hearty dishes.

The Stella Pompona vanilla, on the other hand, is characterized by its pronounced liquorice note, which is complemented by coumarin, fresh tobacco leaves and notes of wood. Buttery and floral aromas can be felt in the background. This strain goes particularly well with desserts, alcohols, and rum.

Both pompona varieties have limited production, making them a sought-after ingredient in the culinary and perfume worlds. Chefs and perfumers appreciate the unique range of aromas of this vanilla and like to use it in their exclusive creations.

In summary, Vanilla Pompona is a remarkable vanilla variety grown under the tropical rainforest canopy in the Saint Laurent du Maroni region of Guyana. The two varieties, Finga and Stella, each develop a unique range of aromas that is highly appreciated by chefs and perfumers. Due to its limited production, Pompona vanilla is an exclusive ingredient that plays an important role in the world of culinary and perfumery.

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