Tahitensis New Guinea 2 pods, each at least 5 grams

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Origin: Papua New Guinea

Growing area: Wiarum, Wewak

Experience the exceptional taste of our Tahitensis grown in the fertile growing areas of Wiarum and Wewak in Papua New Guinea. Our Tahitensis Vanilla is characterized by its smooth, fleshy and oily texture and boasts fruity aromas with a characteristic plum note.

The vanilla beans measure an impressive 15-18 cm on average and weigh an average of 5 g. One kilogram contains about 200 of these delicious pods.

Humidity: 35%

Vanillin content: +/- 2%

Treat your taste buds to our exquisite organic vanilla Tahitensis from Papua New Guinea and be enchanted by its fruity taste and unique plum aroma.

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