Vanilleextrakt: Amerikas süßes Geheimnis, das Europa erobert

Hello, dear vanilla friends! Today we take a look at a delicious secret that originated in the kitchens of America and is gaining traction in Europe as well. It's all about vanilla extract, an unparalleled flavor enhancer that captures the magic of vanilla and brings it to life in our baked goods and desserts. Let's dive in!

The Mysterious Magic Potion: What is Vanilla Extract?

Vanilla extract, often referred to as the liquid gold of the kitchen, is nothing more than the essence of vanilla beans, extracted with the help of alcohol. This magic potion captures all of the aromatic components and unique flavor of the vanilla bean and preserves it in liquid form. For real, unadulterated vanilla extract, you only need two ingredients: vanilla beans and alcohol. And of course, the best results are achieved with high-quality vanilla beans like those from Super Premium Vanilla. But what makes vanilla so special? Dive into the hidden world of vanilla with us and discover the fascinating genetics of this unique spice.

Ingredients for homemade vanilla extract

Ready to make your own vanilla extract? You only need two ingredients:

  • 25g vanilla pods (about 8-10 pods depending on size)
  • 250ml vodka (or other neutral alcohol)

Making Vanilla Extract: A Breeze!

You will be surprised how easy it is to make your own vanilla extract. You don't need any special equipment and the steps are as simple as multiplication tables. Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Prepare the vanilla beans

Take your vanilla beans and cut them open lengthwise. This will reveal the thousands of small, aromatic seeds inside that will be the heart of your extract.

Step 2: Add vanilla beans to the bottle

Place the split vanilla beans in a clean, airtight bottle. The bottle should be large enough to hold the pods and alcohol, but small enough to ensure the pods are completely covered by the alcohol.

Step 3: Adding alcohol

Fill the bottle with your chosen alcohol until the pods are completely covered. Then cap the bottle tightly.

Step 4: The Art of Waiting

Now comes the hardest part: the waiting. Let the mixture sit for at least six months to allow the alcohol to extract the vanilla bean flavors. But don't worry, this time is worth it! During this time, the vanilla beans will swell and the aroma will intensify. Shake the bottle every day or so to speed up the process and ensure even flavor development.

Step 5: The Final Product

After six months, your vanilla extract will be finished and ready to use! The vanilla beans should be nicely puffed up and pop out easily, making them easy to use for further processing. And best of all, you can put the squeezed pods back into the bottle and continue steeping to extract even more flavor.

Versatile use of vanilla extract in the kitchen

Vanilla extract is a real culinary chameleon. In America, it is used in a wide variety of recipes, from cakes and cookies to puddings and ice cream, to sauces and marinades. But it is also becoming increasingly popular in Europe, finding its way into desserts, coffee drinks and even savory dishes.

Whether you're looking for an extra flavor boost for your morning coffee, want to spice up your cake with an extra dose of vanilla goodness, or want a unique twist for your marinade, vanilla extract is your friend. For more recipe ideas with vanilla extract , check out Super Premium Vanilla.

And if you want to give away your homemade vanilla extract, we have some ideas for handmade vanilla products and packaging for you too.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of vanilla extract and discover the sweet magic it can bring to your kitchen!