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– Your expert for high-quality vanilla and spice products. Discover vanilla beans, extracts, paste, powder and sugar. We also offer B2B sourcing in collaboration with global partners. Experience quality and taste with super premium vanilla.

You can wrap really good vanilla around your finger.

The highest quality is shown by an oily, smooth consistency that literally melts in the hand. Try it out and be enchanted by the seductive power of our premium vanilla.

Vanilla rarities and ultra rarities: Unique treasures for collectors and connoisseurs

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of vanilla rarities and ultra-rarities and discover extraordinary varieties such as pompona, chesibik, hybrid pods and crystallized vanilla pods. Our handpicked selection comes from passionate farmers that we know and appreciate personally, and guarantees authenticity and the highest quality.

Although rarely used in everyday applications due to their limited availability and exclusive prices, these rare vanilla varieties are highly sought after by collectors, connoisseurs and enthusiasts. Our exquisite collection offers the largest selection of vanilla rarities on the internet, although larger quantities are only available to a limited extent.

Be inspired by the unique variety of these special vanilla treasures and enjoy the passion that is in every cultivation, every harvest and every pod. Discover the magic of vanilla rarities and ultra-rarities and become part of an exclusive community of lovers of these extraordinary delicacies.

Rarities and ultra rarities