6 - 8 Planifolia Vanilla Beans - Gourmet/Super Premium Quality - 25 Grams - Mixed Sizes

size: 25g/0.06lb 6-8 pods
Sale priceCHF 25.00


Let yourself be enchanted by the refined elegance of our exquisite vanilla pods. Handpicked from the fertile volcanic soils of Indonesia, these premium pods impress with an inimitable vanilla aroma.

The carefully selected pods, with an impressive length of 16.5 cm to 21.6 cm, are presented in a rich black that underlines the quality and freshness of this noble ingredient. They give your creations a rich, sweet and seductively silky aroma that will captivate your senses.

These exquisite vanilla beans are versatile and can be used to add a touch of luxury to your desserts, pastries or homemade vanilla extract. The fine vanilla seeds set visually appealing accents and make your dishes an unforgettable experience.

More information

variety Sort A (Gourmet/Premium/Prime
length 6.5in - 8.5 / 16.5cm - 21.6cm
Color Black
moisture content 30-35%
flavor profile creamy, sweet, silky, rich
basic preparation Split the vanilla pod lengthwise at both ends and cut the pod in half. Scrape out the inside of the vanilla bean and use as needed.
Recommended Applications For cooking and baking, e.g. for ice cream, cakes, biscuits, vanilla sugar and homemade vanilla extract

Use vanilla seeds to visually enhance ice cream, pudding and crème brûlées

Add to sugar to make vanilla sugar or to ground coffee for a vanilla flavored coffee
Ingredients vanilla beans
Product Type whole

Handling/Storage Store in a cool, dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.
country of origin Indonesia
Allergen Information Not specified


length size cm/ in 16.5cm - 21.6cm / 6.5in - 8.5in
Width Size cm/in 1.1cm - 1.2cm / 4.3in - 4.7in
Depth size cm / in 0.5cm / 1.97in

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