Planifolia Guadeloupe / 2 pods min. 4 grams per pod

Sale priceCHF 31.90


The vanilla planifolia from Guadeloupe is an exceptional variety that develops an incomparable aromatic palette with unique notes of maraschino, very marked liquorice, fresh tobacco leaf and woody notes with a light floral aroma in the background. This vanilla has such a high oil content that it begins to form givre (crystals), making it even more desirable.

The vanilla plants are grown in the southern Basse-Terre region under the canopy of the tropical rainforest. However, production is limited and vanilla is mainly allocated to chefs and perfumers for their exclusive creations.

The unique flavors and high oil content of Guadeloupe Planifolia vanilla are the result of meticulous care of the vanilla plants by passionate farmers who value this precious resource. The limited production and exceptional quality make this vanilla a true treasure of the Caribbean.

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