Planifolia Mayotte 2 pods min. 4 grams each

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Mayotte vanilla is a gourmet grade of Bourbon vanilla and is grown on the island of Mayotte. Mayotte is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean that is part of the Comoros and is a French overseas territory. The vanilla is grown and harvested on small, family-run plantations.

The beans are particularly large and fleshy, making them ideal for processing into vanilla extract and other vanilla products. With an average length of 18 cm and a weight of 5 g per bean, the Mayotte vanilla is one of the largest types of vanilla. The pods are also oily and have a high moisture content of 35%, which contributes to their intense flavor and aroma.

Mayotte vanilla has a unique flavor with a slightly spicy peppery flavor and delicate orange blossom notes that set it apart from other types of vanilla. There are also two different types of affinage that refine the vanilla in different ways: the échaudée or non-échaudée method. With the échaudée method, the vanilla beans are briefly soaked in hot water to intensify the aroma before being dried. The non échaudée method, on the other hand, involves a longer drying time without the pods being heated beforehand.

The quality of Mayotte vanilla is confirmed by its high vanillin content of around 2.2% and its award at the prestigious Salon de l'Agriculture de Paris in 2022, where it received the silver medal. Commonly used in fine dining, vanilla is perfect for desserts and sweet dishes, but also for savory dishes such as fish and seafood, as well as for sauces and marinades. Mayotte vanilla is one of the most versatile and high-quality types of vanilla available on the market.

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