Planifolia Hawaii, Laie, O'ahu 2 pods +-18 cm min. 4 grams

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Planifolia Vanilla Beans from Hawaii are one of the deepest and most flavorful vanillas on the market. These rare beans are not easy to find in Europe, but their unique flavors make them a coveted treasure among foodies and chefs. The beans are typically thick, dark brown or black, and their aroma is intriguing and tropical, with subtle notes of caramel to delight the palate.

Hawaiian planifolia vanilla beans are known not only for their rarity and flavor, but also for their versatility in the kitchen. They are great for using in desserts as they impart rich sweetness and full flavor. But they also develop their full potential in hearty dishes such as meat dishes and give them an unmistakable flavor.

Cooks and gourmets appreciate this vanilla not only because of its rarity, but also because of its high quality and the careful handling during harvesting and processing. Hawaiians pride themselves on growing and harvesting their vanilla in a sustainable manner, and the beans are hand-picked and ripened to ensure the highest quality. If you are looking for an exquisite and rare ingredient to add to your cooking, Hawaiian Planifolia Vanilla Beans are an excellent choice.

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