Planifolia Mexico +-20 cm / 2 pods min. 5 grams

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Organic vanilla planifolia gourmet quality

Origin: Mexico, Totonaca

Discover the original vanilla from Mexico, the "mother" of vanilla in the world. For purists, this is the original vanilla. The pods are thin and more or less brownish to black, with shiny light brown vanilla beans. They feature relatively flat pods that are slightly less meaty but with a broader aromatic range.

The notes of this vanilla are heavily chocolaty, warm and powerful, but subtle and persistent, with spicy nuances in the background. It also develops base notes of red fruits and currants. This vanilla has the most diverse and subtle flavors. Like Tahitian vanilla, it is a vanilla for discerning connoisseurs.

The pods measure around 20 cm and weigh an average of 5 g. One kilo equals about 200 pods. Moisture content: 30% Vanillin content: +/- 2% Packaging: in glass tubes or glass jars certified Mexico origin

Expand your culinary repertoire with Planifolia organic vanilla gourmet quality from Mexico and discover the diverse flavors of this unique vanilla variety.

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