Planifolia Red Madagascar 2 pods min 3.5 grams each

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Origin: Madagascar

Terroir: Sambava

Discover the unique quality of our Organic Vanilla Planifolia Red, which comes directly from the fertile soil of Sambava, Madagascar. This exquisite vanilla is the result of a meticulous 9 to 12 month affinage process during which the vanilla beans are first échaudée (blanched) and then dried to reveal their full aroma and potential.

Although the organic vanilla planifolia red cannot be compared to the bourbon quality, it still inspires with its interesting scents and nuances. With strong aromas and an intense taste, this vanilla variety is extremely aromatic and is excellent for extraction and maceration in oil or alcohol.

Each vanilla bean measures an impressive 18cm and has an average weight of 3.5g. With a humidity of 28%, they are optimal for your culinary creations. The vanillin content of around 2% guarantees an unmistakable vanilla aroma that refines your food and drinks.

Treat your taste buds to the exceptional quality of our organic vanilla planifolia red from Madagascar and let yourself be inspired by its intense taste and aroma.

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