Planifolia Tanzania / 2 pods +-20 cm min. 5 grams

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Organic Vanilla Planifolia from Tanzania: An exquisite vanilla experience

Origin: Tanzania - Kagera, Morogoro

Discover the exquisite flavors of Tanzania's Organic Vanilla Planifolia, a burgeoning addition to the country's agricultural industry. These vanilla beans provide an important source of income for rural farmers who have relied on coffee growing for decades. The flowering orchids are grown in Kagera, Morogoro and villages in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro. The tropical climate and fertile soils are ideal for vanilla crops, and the north-eastern regions of Tanzania are rich in fertile volcanic soils and enjoy copious rainfall.

The vanilla beans from Tanzania are characterized by their creamy aroma with buttery, spicy and woody undertones. Packed with flavor, they add a delicate sweetness and delicate aroma to sweet baked goods as well as savory sauces, savory vinaigrettes, flavorful curries, rich stews and creamy seafood dishes. These beans are also great for vanilla extract based vodka and white rum, as well as smoothies, health drinks, coffee and cocktails.

The pods measure about 20 cm on average and weigh about 5 g. One kilo is about 125 pods. Moisture content: 35% Vanillin content: 2.2% Packaging: in glass tubes or glass jars certified Tanzania origin

Experience the exceptional quality and exquisite taste of the Organic Vanilla Planifolia from Tanzania and give your creations a unique touch.

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