Planifolia Uganda +-21 cm 2 pods each min. 4 grams

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Uganda is a wonderful location for vanilla production, known for its unique climate conditions. It is one of the few regions that experiences two distinct dry seasons per year, which helps ensure extremely fresh vanilla is delivered year-round. Grown in Uganda, vanilla beans have a distinctive aroma of strong cocoa flavors, subtle tannins and earthy woody notes. This makes them perfect for a variety of dishes, from hearty red and white meats to delicious seafood and of course desserts and cream.

The vanilla grown in Uganda has a vanillin content of around 2% up to 3.2% in the highest grades, making it one of the best vanilla varieties in the world. In comparison, the vanillin content of Madagascar vanilla is generally around 1.8%. The higher concentration of vanillin makes Ugandan vanilla particularly aromatic and gives a distinctive flavor to the dishes to which it is added.

Due to its excellent quality and taste, Ugandan vanilla is appreciated by renowned chefs and perfumers all over the world. The use of Ugandan vanilla in dishes gives them a delicious and unforgettable taste that enchants the senses. In addition, vanilla production is an important sector of the economy in Uganda and offers local farmers an important source of income.

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