Pompona planifolia (hybrid) from Madagascar 23cm 1 pod 8 grams

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The Pompona hybrid pods are a special variety of vanilla and come from Madagascar, more precisely from the Sambava terroir. These pods are particularly impressive: long, large, thick, black and oily. Its taste is characterized by smooth cocoa and delicate floral aromas that develop strong warm plum notes. The Pompona hybrid pods are considered one of the new references in the world of vanilla. The pods measure approximately 23 cm with an average weight of 8 g. In order to develop their full quality and intensity, they are refined for six to nine months.

The moisture of the Pompona hybrid beans is around 35%, while the vanillin content is around +/- 2.2%. Pompona vanilla is highly sought after in the gourmet world for its exceptional quality and flavors. It is perfect for use in sweet dishes such as cakes and ice cream, but also in savory dishes such as sauces and dressings. If you are looking for a special vanilla variety that offers your taste buds an extraordinary taste experience, then the Pompona hybrid pod from Madagascar is the perfect choice for you.

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