Pompona vanilla from Peru 16cm - 24cm

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Vanilla Pompona from Peru is a remarkable vanilla variety with a unique and distinctive aroma profile. This strain is grown under the canopy of the rainforest in the Barrio Huayco Tarapoto region of Peru. It is a rare and limited variety, supplied to chefs and perfumers for its exclusive taste and aroma.

What makes the Vanilla Pompona so special are its strong aromas of aniseed, maraschino and tobacco as well as the unmistakable liquorice note. In addition, the Pompona Vanilla offers notes of coumarin, fresh tobacco leaves, woody notes and a hint of red fruits in the background. The combination of all these flavors creates a unique flavor palette unrivaled in the world of vanilla.

Pompona vanilla is grown in four different varieties, each with their own unique characteristics. This allows chefs and perfumers to customize and refine their recipes and products.

Despite being rare, pompona vanilla is highly prized by chefs and perfumers. The limited production makes it a coveted ingredient in the culinary and perfume world. It goes particularly well with chocolate, coffee and spices such as cinnamon and cloves.

In summary, the Vanilla Pompona is a unique and remarkable vanilla variety with an incomparable aroma profile. Its limited production and multiple uses in cooking and perfumery make it a valuable ingredient for gourmets and perfumers.

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