Exclusive vanilla hybrids from Papua New Guinea - Planifolia and Tahitensis +- 16cm 2 pods, each min. 4 grams

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Be enchanted by the exquisite vanilla from Papua New Guinea, a sophisticated combination of Planifolia and Tahitensis hybrids that impresses with its smooth and fleshy texture. The Planifolia variant initially reveals woody nuances, which later develop into multi-faceted, spicy-peppery, tobacco-like undertones and the aroma of roasted nuts. The recently launched Tahitensis variety, on the other hand, is fruitier and reminiscent of ripe plums - an excellent choice given its consistent quality and excellent value for money.

It is quite common for the planifolia variant to exhibit natural crystals of vanillin called "givre" or rime - a phenomenon not seen in the Tahitensis species, however. While Planifolia once dominated vanilla production, other varieties such as Tahitensis and its hybrids have now established themselves successfully. Papua New Guinea is now considered a renowned place of origin for first-class vanilla.

The noble vanilla pods have an impressive length of 16 cm on average and weigh 4 g on the scales. One kilogram contains about 250 of these delicious pods.

Humidity: 30%

Vanillin content: +/- 2%

Treat yourself to the extraordinary taste experience of the exquisite vanilla hybrids from Papua New Guinea and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Planifolia and Tahitensis aromas.

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